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Heeler Farms Roma Plum Tomatoes
Blue and Deisel the Heelers of Heeler Farms

Healthy Goodness

Farmtable Fresh Veggies

Quality over Quantity

Farm to Table

At Heeler, we have

noses for freshness

and a knack for farming.

We farm using natural and sustainable methods in safe harmony with best practices for a healthy environment.

 We provide quality fresh nutrient-rich produce at affordable prices

for our customers.

Tomatillo Plant

How we grow

The HOW in farming really matters.

We take what we do very seriously.

You can see it and taste it in our products.

Sustainable agriculture and natural farming methods are about taking care of the land so that in turn the land can take care of us. 


Yes, it is harder to farm this way.

The yields are often smaller, but

the rewards are greater.

We care for and cultivate our crops meticulously by-hand to bring our customers the very best. We source and plant only the highest quality seeds.


We make our own high-nutrient all-natural fertilizer/compost. We maintain nutrient rich soil through strategic crop rotation, focused monitoring & testing to help manage conditions, and we make sure our soil microbiome is stable, nutrient rich and healthy before planting.

raddishes zucchini asparagus fennel cauliflower

Why We Grow

We are a family-owned and operated farm. Cultivators of the land who understand the importance of having high quality whole foods be nutritious, affordable and available. 

From seed to harvest, our mission is always quality fresh farm to table goodness for

the health and happiness of our consumers.

We believe mass production farming for commercial use is one of the reasons we are seeing so many health and well-being issues in our society. Foods of today, if not grown in nutrient rich healthy soil, are unable to provide the full benefits they should. We attribute the huge uptick in need for supplements to this issue. People are seeking and needing supplements to restore and maintain their health because much of our dietary intakes are full of highly processed and low nutrient foods.

At Heeler we focus on farming

for food quality not quantity.

Heeler Farms Zucchini

What we grow

We grow broccoli, cauliflower, fennel, peppers, beets, radishes, zucchini, kale, onions, cucumbers, watermelon, tomatoes, micro-greens and more.

Our specialty crop is


multiple varieties

all bursting with color and flavor.

So good on a sandwich, in a salad, for making sauce or just plain eating like an apple.


 Items on our "What's Growing" list are part of our farming portfolio. Many factors contribute to availability of  items on our Farm Stand and at markets (i.e. harvesting season, weather, crop rotation, etc.). Please contact us if you have specific questions about what is currently available on our Farm Stand.

Thank you for supporting

your local farmers !!

Main Field Heeler Farms


 Items on our "What's Growing" list are part of our farming portfolio

Many factors contribute to availability of these items on our Farm Stand

(i.e. harvesting season, weather, crop rotation, etc.)

Please contact us if you have specific questions about what is currently available on our Farm Stand

Thank you for supporting your local farmers !!

Red Ace Beets

Red Ace Beets

The most standard red beet. Reliable, adaptable, and fast-maturing beet with strong tops. Sweet and tender, even when older. Medium-tall, red-veined greens for bunching.

Mike Bear.jpg
Mike - Owner, Farmer, Rancher

Mike, born and raised in NY, grew-up farming on his Uncle's farm. Busied over the years with a highly successful career in NYC, Mike bought Heeler Farms to ranch and get himself back to the land. Mike's strong Italian heritage is rooted at the heart of him being an "old-fashioned foodie".  In 2020, the lack of quality produce readily available at affordable prices caused Mike to begin cultivating his own vegetables on the farm for his family's consumption. Next things leading to next things as they do, Mike is now a full time farmer in his third growing season.

image000005 (1).jpg
Oscar - Farm Team Leader

Oscar, our resident green thumb, began his career in farming in California. When Oscar moved east to NY in 2019, he brought his farming knowledge to Heeler Farms. We benefit daily from Oscar's know-how and leadership. Oscar's keen-eye, hard-working hands-on and strong work ethic have our crops flourishing. Oscar is in charge of supervising our full-time and temporary farm help. 

Saverio Heeler Farms
Saverio - Farm Hand

Recently graduated, Saverio has joined the farm team for the summer. He will be off to University in the fall. Born and raised in New York, like his father Mike, Saverio has spent summers and school breaks on the farm ranching with his dad. Saverio's ingenuity for problem solving and engineering are an asset.

Mary C Profile Pix for Heeler Farms
Mary - Admin

Mary, born and raised in New York, is our business admin and chief strategist. Mary has a business degree from St. John's University and decades of experience in office management. Mary keeps our farm operations running smoothly. Her resourcefulness is the underlying backbone to our success. 

Shell Heeler Farms
Shell - Design, Marketing and IT

​Shell grew up in Texas and is no stranger to farm and ranch life. Shell joined the Heeler "family team" in 2018. She designed (and designs) all of our logos and original art work. Shell creates and is responsible for all our labeling, promotional materials (print and digital work product). Shell designed and manages our website, on-line store, digital campaigns, social media, et al. Shell is also our in-house information technology guru and helps us with research, applications, and various farm filings. 

Diesel and Blue Heeler Farms
Blue & Diesel - Farm Security

Our resident scarecrows, pest control, and all around nuisance deterrents, Blue and Diesel, are the namesakes for Heeler Farms. Blue and Diesel have full run of the farm keeping it free of deer, rabbits and other pesky nibblers. The team never tires. Diesel, however, does enjoy some sunbathing on occasion.


fresh veggies
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